Year 1/2B 2018 - 2019

Spring Term - 2nd half

This term our text is 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea' by Judith Kerr.  We are holding a Tiger Tea Party and painting our faces as tigers.  We are making animal prints and planning and preparing a meal for a tiger.  For our trip, we are visiting Knowsley Safari Park.  In Science we are categorising animals by what they eat and looking at their habitats.  In Geography we are looking at The United Kingdom, it's four countries and main cities. We are writing descriptions of our houses, writing invitations to our tea party and writing letters in role as story characters to complain about escaped tigers.  We are using the internet to find facts about tigers and writing these in fact files.  In maths we are counting in 10's, 2's and 5's and exploring the place value of numbers up to 100.  In RE we are learning and retelling the Easter story.  We are also celebrating world book week, exploring the text of 'The Midnight Man' by Berlie Doherty and visiting WH Smith to spend our book vouchers.  During world book week we are also visiting Widnes library for a storytelling session.



SpringTerm - 1st half:

This term we have been reading the story 'Dogger' by Shirley Hughes.  We enjoyed exploring old and new toys and sorting them into categories.  We looked at aerial view maps and created our own lego maps of areas around school.  We have explored what materials different toys are made from.  We have looked at properties of materials and why they are chosen.  In writing we have looked at suffixes including -ed, -ing, -est and -er.  We have found how these suffixes change verbs and used them in our sentences.  We learned that we use Capital letters for names of people and places.  In our writing, we have retold the story of Dogger, written instructions for how to get home from school and written first hand accounts of loosing a toy.  In these we have included questions and exclamations.  In maths we have looked at 2d and 3d shapes including symmetry.  We have explored fractions including halves and quarters.  We have used bar models to help us calculate half, double and quarters.  We have looked at the British Value of Tolerance and learned about Hindu gods and practices.



Autumn Term - 2nd half:

This term our learning was based around the book 'Stickman' by Julia Donaldson.  We made our own stickmen and decided what they would say.  We learned about the seasons and how trees and woodlands change throughout the year.  In art we made pictures of different seasons using a variety of techniques.  We visited Risley Moss to find out about how it changed during the different seasons of the year and made seasonal art using materials from the woods.  In English wrote letters from Stickman to his family and learned rhymes.   We had a visit to Widnes library to take part in a Christmas storytelling session.


We enjoyed our space week. Children in our class made some amazing space models and posters.  We had a visit from a planetarium and decided what materials we would need to take on a visit to space.  In RE we learned the Christmas story.  We retold and performed this in our Christmas production.



Autumn Term 1st half - The Train Ride

We started our learning this year by considering the question 'Why do we like to be beside the seaside?'.  We had a visit from a Punch and Judy show and enjoyed eating ice creams from the ice cream van.  We found out about how the seaside has changed and how it would have been in the past.  We looked at what clothes we would wear during the different seasons of the year and how seasons change.  Our text was the book, 'The Train Ride' and we enjoyed looking at the rhyming and patterned text.  We talked and wrote about the scenery we would see through train windows including towns and countrysides and features they would have.  We wrote descriptions of the seaside, postcards and letters to Grandma.  

We performed songs and poems about the seaside in our school's poetry showcase.  In maths we focussed on counting, place value and number bonds to 10.  In RE we looked at Christian baptism and the importance of water.

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