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Since September, the school councillors have been working hard with the children in their classes, to decide upon a focus to improve our school.

Wellbeing soon became that focus. Something that we can promote throughout school, home and in the wider community.

So in January we had some training from Beth, who is part of the school health team. She introduced us to the ‘5 ways to wellbeing’.

These are:
Be Active icon
Be active any way you want. Walk, run, cycle, play or dance but most of all just get moving. Being active makes you feel good so find one you enjoy.
Connect icon
Connect with the people around you at home, school or in your community. Spending time with friends and family makes you feel good.
Give icon
Doing something nice for someone else makes us feel good. Simple things like giving a smile or a thank you can make someone’s day.
Keep Learning icon
Keep learning and try something new. Learn to play an instrument or cook your favourite food. Learning new things will boost your confidence and is fun to do.
Take Notice icon

Take notice of the world around you as well as your thoughts and feelings. Some people call this awareness mindfulness.

We introduced the ‘5 ways’ to the whole school through a dedicated assembly. Highlighting the fact that we all have mental health and we need to look after it, like we look after our physical health.

Often we engage the ‘5 ways’ without even thinking about them. For example, if you play a sport like football, you are being active, connecting and perhaps learning new skills.

Think how you could use the ‘5 ways’ to help your wellbeing.

Checkout or school twitter and Instagram accounts for updates on how we are using and promoting the ‘5 ways’ in school.

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