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Science Day Plants

Lesson: Science
Class: Year 4M Year: 2019 – 2020

After our seeds were planted on Science Day, I brought the plants home from school – here are how your plants looked after I took them out of their bags.

Remember, they had some water in when you planted them, but then the bag was sealed and no more water went in. The bags have created what is called a “biome” where the water has given the seeds and plants some liquid but then the rest has evaporated because it was warm inside the bag. The water then condensed onto the cooler plastic bag and then fell into the soil to water it like rain does. The plants then took in some moisture and the process started again. This is also how the water cycle works isn’t it?!

I have planted the seedlings into a pot in my garden, but unfortunately they aren’t doing too well at the minute! If any grow and even flower, I’ll post some pictures on here too.