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Frequently Asked Questions

We know remote learning is a new process and there are bound to be some hiccups along the way, however, in time it will become a natural part of the teaching and learning process and a valuable tool in ensuring children don’t miss out on education when they have to be absent from school.

Have a look at some of the answers below to some commonly asked questions and please feel free to contact the school office with any further enquiries.

Why are children using SeeSaw in Reception and KS1, but Microsoft Teams in KS2?

When looking at the two packages we felt SeeSaw was more appropriate for KS1 children as Microsoft Teams felt a little too complex for them to navigate. Children in KS1 will still be exposed to Teams through the live events where they can meet their teachers, however to ensure consistency of learning, we felt SeeSaw was more appropriate to use.

I’ve tried logging my child in but it won’t work, what do I do?

First of all, apologies for this. As you can imagine, setting up every child in school with a unique log in has been a big task and unfortunately things do sometimes go wrong. We have a support email set up at, and by emailing details of your login problems we can get this sorted as soon as possible for you.

Are the platforms safe for my child to use?

Absolutely. Both SeeSaw and Microsoft Teams have been set up carefully and with safeguarding in mind. Both platforms offer multiple levels of security and are monitored and backed up constantly. In regards to video lessons and feedback, they will always be recorded (as is recommended) to ensure safety for all those on the call, children and adults alike.

I don’t have a laptop at home, will my child be at a disadvantage?

Not at all. The platforms we have chosen both run on any internet enabled device including mobile phones and tablets. Should you have no access to any device at all, please contact school where we can looking into providing a device as a loan to ensure your child can access remote sessions. Please do be aware we have only a limited amount of devices we are able to consider loaning out, so please only contact us regarding this if absolutely necessary.

Will my child be missing out on things if they are not at school?

Our remote learning aims to offer as close to usual learning as possible. All activities that are set for the children will mirror those being set in school, obviously with a few amendments in order to ensure they can be completed at home and via the online learning model. The main thing is that the children are receiving the same content of lessons whether they are learning in school or learning from home, meaning children who have to isolate for a period of time will not miss out on any learning because of this.

My child is ill, are they still expected to remote learn?

No. Remote learning is to combat situations where a child is forced to miss school even though they feel well enough to attend. Where a child is ill, they should remain at home and rest and we will not be expecting them to access remote learning until they feel well enough to do so. Please notify the office whether your child is remote learning or ill so this message can be passed on to teachers.

I am struggling to load videos on Teams, what can I do?

This can happen for a number of reasons. The best way to fix this is to do as follows:

Instead of clicking to play the video, click the 3 dots next to the video file and select ‘open in browser’. This should rectify any issues you have in opening video files.

Why are children having daily English and Maths lessons during remote learning, but topic lessons are reduced?

Whilst it may appear that topic lessons are reduced compared to the daily English and Maths lessons taking place, this is because the topic activities being set are larger and more demanding of the children. We do not wish to ‘flood’ the children with work, instead wishing to continue to facilitate regular learning. Please rest assured, the topic activities that are set are set with a view to continuing the learning the children would have been undertaking in school and also to prepare them for what is to come when they return.

I’m struggling to submit my child’s work online, what can I do?

We have posted a help page on the website with how to navigate Teams. You can find this under the ‘Mircosoft Teams’ page of this website. Similarly, if using SeeSaw, we cover how to submit work on our ‘Seesaw’ page of the website. If you are still struggling, contact the support mailbox at for assistance.

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