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Pioneering Statement of Intent

Our three core values are essential to the life of our school community. Here they are set in order, starting with Children First. This indicates that all our actions, behaviour and decisions can be driven by a mind-set that everyone within Warrington Primary Academy Trust is working to raise the prospects and achievements of our children. Resilience comes from our determination and Pioneering demonstrates that we are confident to try new approaches if the potential rewards will deliver benefits for all our children.

Pioneering shows we are passionate about learning about our practice that will improve our children’s lives and their outcomes.


Day 2 of “Maths at the Olympics”: Today we have taken part in a boat race and timed how long it took for the boat to travel across the water🏆🏅@Olympics @first4maths #SimmsCrossMaths #SimmsCrossResilience #SimmsCrossPioneering

Day 1 of “Maths at the Olympics”: Today we have been taking part in the long jump and high jump to measure how far and high we can jump🏆🏅@Olympics @first4maths #SimmsCrossMaths #SimmsCrossResilience #SimmsCrossPioneering

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