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Reading Statement of Intent

At Simms Cross Primary we promote a strong love of reading, ensuring every child becomes a reader and has access to a wide variety of texts.

We start our reading journey through phonics (Read, Write Inc) in nursery. The pupils continue to build on their phonic skills throughout EYFS and KS1, learning the 44 different sounds, reading and spellings of a variety of ‘red, tricky’ common exception words. Our phonics lessons are fun, interactive and linked to a range of phonetically decodable books and spellings.

As children become more independent with their reading, they have access to a wide range of books with a rich vocabulary. Children have many opportunities to read for pleasure, take part in instructional guided groups as well as structured, shared reading sessions in ‘Steps to Read’, where children investigate the techniques of the writer. This enables our children to make strong links between reading and writing.

Our aim is to develop a whole school love of reading, making every child a reader and developing a love of books.

We offer our pupils a range of support to ensure they become successful readers. We timetable phonics interventions in KS1 and lower KS2 to support the development of key skills. Children also have access to an online reading programme called Lexia which supports the development of oral language, reading, spelling and writing skills and is personalised to each child’s needs. In KS2, IDL is also used to provide specific intervention for spelling and reading.

We encourage all our pupils to read widely across both fiction and non-fiction and to listen to teachers modelling reading to develop their knowledge and vocabulary. This allows access to texts which they may not choose the read for themselves.

It is our intention to ensure that, by the end of their primary education, all pupils are able to read fluently, and with confidence, in any subject in their forthcoming secondary education, as well as having a personal enjoyment of reading.


Y6 chose to read this book last week. We are gripped...just trying to work out why the buildings are falling!
Ade and Gaia have us totally intrigued.

Stickers for our ‘Love to Read’ books have arrived. We’ll get them on the books tomorrow in time for new books to go home before Xmas - don’t forget Lexia too!

Today we went to Widnes library and met George the Dinogator. We listened to two Christmas stories, Is it Christmas yet? and Only you can save Christmas.
We sang the 12 days of Christmas and also got a Christmas sticker and book. A great afternoon.#SimmsCrossReading

On Friday year two had a great visit to the local library. We painted ’Our story’ then enjoyed some time reading in the children’s section. So much choice! Well worth another visit. #SimmsCrossReading

We are just starting to read this fabulous book. Our ideas to describe the settings are fantastic and we can’t wait to really get ‘stuck in’ to the first few chapters next week.

We have just started to read this fabulous book. We are only a few pages in and everyone groaned when we had to stop!
We’ll be looking in much more detail during our English lessons.

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