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Science Statement of Intent

At Simms Cross Primary School, it is our intention to recognise the importance of science in every aspect of daily life. We intend to build a science curriculum which results in the acquisition of essential knowledge and enables children to become enquiry based learners. 

In science lessons, we will nurture the children’s excitement and develop their natural curiosity about the world in which we live. Our school will encourage respect for living organisms and the physical environment and will provide opportunities for critical evaluation of evidence. The skills associated with working scientifically will be embedded throughout our teaching and learning, and we will encourage the children to present their discoveries in different ways.

Children will develop scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding through the teaching of physics, biology and chemistry. This will equip the children with the scientific knowledge required to understand the uses and implications of science today and for the future. 

The science curriculum will progress across key stages and will be delivered continuously throughout the school year. Where possible, we will make meaningful links with other subjects such as English. Through science, children will be taught the importance of writing for a purpose and specific audiences. Children will also be able to apply their mathematical knowledge, including collecting, presenting and analysing data, to their understanding of science.


Today we have continued with our Science work. We have been observing a variety of seeds and bulbs and identifying the differences they have🌱🔎 #SimmsCrossScience

In Science we have been making predictions.. What will happen if a plant does not get one of the important elements it needs to grow? We have planted cress seeds to begin our investigation🪴🔎 #SimmsCrossScience

We had some little visitors in nursery . Five little caterpillars 🐛 . The children took turns to look at the caterpillars and describe what they could see “ they are spikey “ “five caterpillars”


Y6 using iPads to research animal adaptations to help inform their explanation text.

Another enjoyable experiment in Science this week. We tested materials and discovered if they were reflective and explained why. #SimmsCrossScience

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